Story #6: God Bless All Three of You

Of all the 568 encounters with God’s grace that I could share with you, one really stands out. It’s the story of Mareza and her son, Baby Joseph.

On February 24, 2011, I wasn’t having what I would call a “great day” on the sidewalks. It seemed that no one was listening or taking much literature. To those we were able to get the literature to, the abortion escorts would encourage them to “recycle our garbage” in the trash can just inside the glass doors – and many did.

Later that morning, the abortion escorts decided to empty that trash can – chock full of our literature. You could see all of our literature through the clear liner bag. Salt, meet wound. Continue reading

Story #5: Beyond the Sidewalk: A “Christ Incident”

The sidewalk sometimes extends beyond the front doors of the abortion clinic.

Early on a beautiful May morning, our first client arrived at our “Big Blue Bus” under unique circumstances. She had come to us after a providential and completely unexpected encounter with the daughter of our director, Christine.

Around 7:30 AM that morning, the director’s daughter, Laura, just happened to be in a convenience store and overheard the woman ask the cashier where 4600 Gulf Freeway was. Laura immediately told the woman not to go to that address (which was Planned Parenthood), but instead to go to the blue bus across the street. Continue reading

Story #4: Only God Knows

“Would you like some cold water?”

A woman eagerly comes over, “Thank you so much, what do I owe you?”

She has no idea what ‘the Helpers’ — those gathered to pray — are there for.

“Nothing, you are in a bad spot, aren’t you?” the sidewalk helper says.

“Yeah, my 18-year old daughter is pregnant and the dad is no where around. I can’t blame her, I did it myself when I was 18.”

As she talks to the sidewalk helper, something happens inside her. She leaves and her husband comes over and asks for water. He confides that he doesn’t want to be here. He feels like he is supporting it, and he knows it is wrong.

The helper asks a few other questions and then gently asks, “Why don’t you save your grandchild?” He leaves to talk to his wife, and a few minutes later, the wife goes in. Continue reading