Story #7: February 25, 2010

On Thursday, February 25, 2010, no babies died in Columbia, no mothers came for abortions on abortion day.

We had been praying every Thursday since February 2009 and seen the numbers go down from 15 to 20 abortions every week to 8… 11… 10… 4. We had seen mothers choose life, and we have heard of mothers who did not come because of the physical prayer presence on the sidewalk.

A Deacon from St. Peter’s Church in Jefferson City came to bless the site and the people who were members of Fishers of Men from Gospel Lighthouse in Holts Summit, Missouri along with others from Catholic parishes in the area.

It came to my mind at noon that there were ten men and two women standing and praying.

The men could no doubt represent to the woman seeking abortion the very men in her life who should be supporting her. One could see the grandpa in his farm clothes, the blue and white collar workers, the young husbands and fathers.

All men who should support women; perhaps it gave the women hope that there were still men who cared about them and their babies. These men stood on the sidewalk oblivious to the jeers and angry honks, perhaps from men who resented their appearance in support of women.

God blessed that Thursday — “abortion day” — on February 25 and we thank Him for His mighty blessings when no babies died and no mothers cried at 711 Providence Road in Columbia, Missouri.

The abortion facility had their doors open for the public, but — because of the mighty number of people standing on the sidewalk — not one client showed up for birth control, pregnancy tests, or any other “service” until about four o’clock when a couple of cars ventured in.

Planned Parenthood had a very bleak day of income that day as and the presence on the sidewalk saved an unknown number of lives! What a huge victory!