Story #12: Small Acts of Obedience Can Bear Big Fruit

On July 1st I was here praying by myself. I noticed a woman sitting in her vehicle in the driver’s side, with her window rolled down. It was hot outside and so the open window was an opportunity to possibly get her attention. She looked over at me and I smiled and waved. She smiled and then returned to looking at her phone. Each time she would take her attention off her phone, I would attempt to wave her over. After about 20 minutes, another young woman walked out of Planned Parenthood and got into the car with the woman I had been waving at. They began to pull out of the parking lot and due to heavy traffic, they had to wait to pull out into the street. I approached the passenger side of the car and the two women rolled down their window. Continue reading

Story #11: I Am Here to Help You

A team of Sidewalk Advocates were able to speak with a pregnant mother of 5, Cici, and her mother Betty who were driving into Planned Parenthood today. Team members used skills learned from SAFL training to engage the two women, offer them life- affirming solutions and re-direct them to Project Defending Life (PDL). Other team members and 40 Days for Life volunteers were on the sidewalk praying for the situation. What a beautiful expression of everyone working together as the hands and feet of Christ to the men, women and children outside the abortion clinic today.

The pregnant mom Cici is unemployed and lives with her mother, Betty who is the sole provider for the entire household of 9 people. Like many women, they felt abortion was the only option in such a difficult circumstance. Working with PDL staff, the mother and grandmother were able to view an ultrasound of the baby, who is around 9 weeks old. Theses women were both encouraged by the help available and at one point the grandmother told her expectant daughter,”you have them here now to help you and so am I–I am here to help you.” Sometimes this is all a woman in crisis needs to hear. The young mom Cici is enrolled with PDL’s ministry to see her through her pregnancy and is scheduled for her next ultrasound in a few weeks. Praise God!

*all names have been changed to protect the identity of the parties.