Story #14: Thank You for Being Here

A married couple visited the abortion center. They would not speak with us as we offered information to them as they were going into the clinic hand in hand. They were in the clinic quite a long time, and 1.5 hours later they came out and began walking to their car. The woman was walking fine, so that was confusing as we thought they were there for and abortion and had had one. Again, we offered help, but silently they got in their car and began to drive away, but very slowly. They left the clinic, but we saw the car circle it a few times.

A few minutes later, they parked and asked about the free sonogram the Gulf Coast Storks van was making available. They boarded the van, were given the sonogram and counseling to all options available to them, along with the services their local pregnancy center could provide them with. They decided to parent, and thanked us for being there as they drove away.

Story #13: It Will Be Okay

Young woman arrived with husband and child in a car. Husband waited as woman went into the clinic. Of course, not knowing why she was visiting the clinic, a sidewalk counselor offered her assistance. She was courteous and took the packet of information the sidewalk counselor handed her. She stated, as so many women do, that she was not there for an abortion, but she had a friend that could use the information. Continue reading