Story #17: Stay and Pray

While on a trip to Missouri, I drove a half hour off-course to sidewalk help at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood. I arranged with a local leader to meet him out there so I could get local literature from him and see how the advocates there usually reached out to the women. Eventually, I was alone on the sidewalk and had decided to leave in about twenty minutes to get back to the family I was staying with.

I reached out to several women who were in their vehicles during that last twenty minutes (sadly the place was busy enough to make that possible). One woman was smoking cigarillos. While I have never smoked a cigarette, I had smoked a cigarillo before and enjoyed it. We bonded over that and I handed her a brochure. While she never let me know if she was pregnant and/or considering abortion, she did leave without ever entering the facility.

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Story #16: The Joy of a Life Spared

This is a picture of my Godson, Stanley. His mom went into Planned Parenthood where they told her for a few hundred bucks they could solve her ‘problem.’ Her ‘problem’ is my now four-year-old, handsome Godson. The picture I am sharing is the moment me and Stanley first met each other after he was outside of the womb.

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