Story #19: My First “Save” on the Sidewalk

I had been on the sidewalk for over 5 years — and in that time, I had yet to see one confirmed baby saved.  I had witnessed many “hopefuls” — people who said they would go home to “think about it” — or those who said they would take their health care business to another place that did not provide abortions.  But I had yet to experience my first confirmed life saved in my own personal ministry.

Finally, my first save happened the first week I was working for Sidewalk Advocates for Life!  It happened while Lauren, our Executive Director, and I were traveling across Florida to meet up with several of our locations as a means of support.  One of those stops was in the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area.  We had only planned to be there for the morning to meet with our leaders and spend a little time praying outside their abortion facility …but God had other plans for us. Continue reading