Story #21: 18 Week Baby Girl

A couple was going to get an abortion but they saw a Sidewalk Counselor outside, so they pulled up to talk.  They wanted to know where to get a free sonogram, so the SWC sent them to the nearest center that provides free sonograms.  Once the couple was there, they asked the center if they also had free abortions.  But once they saw their 18 week old baby girl on the screen, they said there was NO WAY they could get an abortion!  They were so excited for all of the help and wanted to share the image with us, and that their baby girl is due in July 2015!

Story #20: “I Am So Glad I Have My Son”

im-so-glad-i-have-my-sonRosie actually did not reveal to us until years later that she had scheduled to have her baby aborted.  She walked up to a Coalition for Life volunteer during the spring of 2015 and said, “I want you to meet Ryan!  He is my 4 year-old son.  Almost five years ago, I was sitting in the waiting room of this very abortion facility and just could not go through with my appointment because I remembered someone praying outside and couldn’t shake the overwhelming thought that this was wrong.  I am so glad I have my son!”