Story #23: A Surprise Blessing

Recently, some of my staff returned from the sidewalk with an armload of paper grocery bags filled to the brim with goods. Surprised, I asked if they had made a trip to the grocery store on their return. They laughed, shook their heads and proceeded to share with me that while they were on the sidewalk,  a young woman pulled up to the curb, rolled down her window and stated that she had a delivery for them.

She proceeded to get out of her car and unload bags filled with food, fresh fruit and juice, all the while exclaiming: “I just wanted to bless you guys, and thank you so much for what you do.” She then handed them a card that read:

“I drive down Forest Park Avenue often and whether it’s raining, hot or even cold, someone is standing in front of Planned Parenthood. I think to myself, this is the work of God in plain view. It seems like in this day and age, anything and everything is acceptable. It’s encouraging to see people who are still willing to stand for what is right. This card is to tell you your faithfulness is seen, and it’s inspiring.”  

God often blesses us in the times we least expect it and in the ways we least expect him to. 

Story #22: A Leak in the Roof

The following story was shared with us through Sidewalk Advocates for Life-Albuquerque, NM…

A couple was going to the abortion facility for an abortion consultation, but they were intercepted by a sidewalk advocate. We brought them over to the Pregnancy Resource Center where they declared that they are choosing life. Series of events that led up to this moment are amazing. Our sidewalk advocate was in her car praying because she didn’t have a prayer partner. She saw the couple walking by on the sidewalk, and they didn’t park in the abortion facility parking lot. So she got out of her car and asked them what brought them there. They said they were going in for an abortion consultation. That’s when she was able to call the Pregnancy Resource Center and take them over. Usually, the Pregnancy Resource Center is closed at this time, but thankfully there was a leak in their roof and one of the ladies had to stay behind. It turns out that the client advocate at the Pregnancy Resource Center knew the young dad and was able to talk about all of their life-affirming options and connect with this couple on a whole other level. Thank you, Lord, for your many miracles.