Story #24: God Provides for the Birds. He will Provide for Us

The following story was shared with us through Sidewalk Advocates for Life-Montgomery, AL

A mother came to the abortion mill this morning. Speaking with her, she said she was only coming for an ultrasound and wasn’t considering an abortion. “Good,” I thought. Continuing to just encourage her on how children are gifts from the Lord I offered her one of our packets. She tilted her head down and began to weep. 

For the next half hour or so, the Lord worked in her heart as we spoke. I showed her the little bird nest that sits in a tree above the parking lot that gives me shade. How the Lord provided each twig for that mother bird and her babies. That mother bird has nothing to fear, God provides for them, and He will most assuredly provide for us. What a great picture we have of this in Christ.  

Please pray for “D.” She left this awful place and chose life for her baby.