Story #26 – We’re Not Here to Judge – We’re Here to Help!

The following story was shared with us through Sidewalk Advocates for Life-Louisville, KY.

Several of our Sidewalk Advocates spoke to a young couple who were afraid of her father’s reaction to her pregnancy. The couple initially entered the abortion center, but then the young man came out and engaged us. He thought we were judging him. When we assured him we were not and that we were there to help him and his girlfriend, he opened up and told us that he wants to keep the baby. He said he comes from a large family of 8, including a disabled brother.

As we encouraged him to go next door to the local pregnancy resource center (PRC), he was more determined to get his girlfriend to go next door to the PRC. They entered the PRC and began to argue. She ran out distraught and went back to the abortion center. Again, he came out and more conversation took place with us. This time, he went back again, and then came back out and they announced that they were keeping the baby and went next door to the PRC. Please keep this couple in your prayers and pray that the Holy Spirit gives them courage to face her parents and continue to bravely choose Life.

Story #25: Love and Mercy Triumphs: A Mother Chooses Life

The following story was shared with us through Sidewalk Advocates for Life-Pensacola, FL.

We are often asked what are the best words to say to a mother walking into an abortion facility. It’s often a heart-felt greeting or a welcoming smile that catches their attention and draws them to you. This past Friday, as a young mother began her walk into the abortion facility, she noticed one of our sidewalk advocates offering her information about local resources. With some hesitation, she took this information and as he handed it to her he told her that Jesus loves her and her little baby. She continued walking to the entrance of the abortion facility. As she was being told by the security guards that her cell phone was not allowed in the building, another sidewalk advocate greeted her with a welcoming smile and a gentle invitation to speak with him. She waved back and smiled. This sidewalk advocate once again smiled, waved, and encouraged her to speak with him and she did! Continue reading