Story #34: Blessing Bags

Submitted by Sidewalk Advocates for Life – Berwyn Heights, MD

“Christmas”/”Blessing” bags are great! First thing today, there was a save thanks to them. I handed one to a father and one to the mother on the way in and handed literature to the older man who drove and went in with them. I saw the couple looking at and taking the things out of the bag before they went in. About 15 minutes later they came out and said they were keeping the baby! Those “Precious Feet” pins are what did it, I feel sure, but the candy and the little bag made it so much easier than normal to get these little feet that speak for themselves into the parents’ hands! Thank you, Kate, for all of the work of assembling these bags! They are wonderful!

Yesterday many people took the blessing bags and literature, too. I lost track of how many people entered and left, but I managed to hand out all but one of the remaining blessing bags that I had.

Story #33: Too Ashamed – and a Second Chance

A friend shared this story with Destiny De La Rosa of New Wave Feminists…
I am so heartbroken by abortion because it is a lie. Before I had Aiden, I was an unmarried woman, an alcoholic, without a “good job” and living on the seedy side of a college town in Indiana, running with a pretty unruly crowd of burn-out ex bikers and drug addicts. I had JUST got back into college at Indiana University and was trying to “turn my life around” when I found out I was pregnant. Aiden’s father and I had JUST broken up and I had recently moved into my own apartment – which I could barely afford. I was the perfect target for Planned Parenthood – the poster child for “young woman who cannot afford to bring a child into poverty” or “young woman who should not be forced to bear a child with a man who is not good for her” or “young woman who needs to focus on finishing school and getting a career.”

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