Story #35: “I Take That as a Sign from God.”

Submitted by Sidewalk Advocates for Life – Pensacola, FL

On a cold morning in Pensacola, two sidewalk advocates spoke with a woman who conceived a child from rape.  She was hurting and felt that abortion was her only solution to the recent trauma she had experienced.  The counselors lovingly offered her words of encouragement and assistance.  They prayed with her, and everyone began to cry, as they poured their hearts out to our heavenly father.  She still felt abortion was the only option and entered the facility.  The Sidewalk Advocates and other 40 Days for Life vigil participants remained hopeful and continued to pray, trusting in God that He will take care of her.

About an hour had passed by, and she came back out to tell the vigil participants that the doctor could not “Find her vein.”  Because of this, “She was not going to have the abortion.” She took this as a “Sign from God that He does not want her to do this.” Continue reading