Story #19: My First “Save” on the Sidewalk

I had been on the sidewalk for over 5 years — and in that time, I had yet to see one confirmed baby saved.  I had witnessed many “hopefuls” — people who said they would go home to “think about it” — or those who said they would take their health care business to another place that did not provide abortions.  But I had yet to experience my first confirmed life saved in my own personal ministry.

Finally, my first save happened the first week I was working for Sidewalk Advocates for Life!  It happened while Lauren, our Executive Director, and I were traveling across Florida to meet up with several of our locations as a means of support.  One of those stops was in the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area.  We had only planned to be there for the morning to meet with our leaders and spend a little time praying outside their abortion facility …but God had other plans for us. Continue reading

Story #18: Your Beauty is a Truth

“I’ve never eaten at a restaurant before,” she said awkwardly as she tried to copy the way I was holding my menu. “Never?” I asked. “Never,” she said.

She was seventeen years old. An unconventional beauty of blended ethnicities and a war-torn life story.

Foster home one had turned into foster home two which had turned into foster home eleven. And foster home eight was anything but a home: abandonment, abuse, sexual assault. She was a baby by no means, but about to have one.

I watched her eyes widen as she scanned the menu prices instead of the menu options. And those widened eyes gave me a glimpse—albeit a tiny one—into the beautiful soul lingering behind them. Continue reading

Story #17: Stay and Pray

While on a trip to Missouri, I drove a half hour off-course to sidewalk help at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood. I arranged with a local leader to meet him out there so I could get local literature from him and see how the advocates there usually reached out to the women. Eventually, I was alone on the sidewalk and had decided to leave in about twenty minutes to get back to the family I was staying with.

I reached out to several women who were in their vehicles during that last twenty minutes (sadly the place was busy enough to make that possible). One woman was smoking cigarillos. While I have never smoked a cigarette, I had smoked a cigarillo before and enjoyed it. We bonded over that and I handed her a brochure. While she never let me know if she was pregnant and/or considering abortion, she did leave without ever entering the facility.

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Story #16: The Joy of a Life Spared

This is a picture of my Godson, Stanley. His mom went into Planned Parenthood where they told her for a few hundred bucks they could solve her ‘problem.’ Her ‘problem’ is my now four-year-old, handsome Godson. The picture I am sharing is the moment me and Stanley first met each other after he was outside of the womb.

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Story #15: A Way Out of Abortion

Jasmin came to the abortion facility on a freezing cold December morning in 2013. She walked from the bus stop, but before entering the facility she saw people standing and praying. She instantly knew that they could help her and that they were her way out! She teared up as she asked the volunteers for resources of other places to go. The volunteers didn’t hesitate and called the nearest pregnancy center, which took her right away. Jasmin wanted two of the prayer volunteers to go with her, so they drove her to the center where Jasmin saw her 16 week baby on the sonogram! She wanted us to share it and was incredibly thankful for all the help!!

Story #14: Thank You for Being Here

A married couple visited the abortion center. They would not speak with us as we offered information to them as they were going into the clinic hand in hand. They were in the clinic quite a long time, and 1.5 hours later they came out and began walking to their car. The woman was walking fine, so that was confusing as we thought they were there for and abortion and had had one. Again, we offered help, but silently they got in their car and began to drive away, but very slowly. They left the clinic, but we saw the car circle it a few times.

A few minutes later, they parked and asked about the free sonogram the Gulf Coast Storks van was making available. They boarded the van, were given the sonogram and counseling to all options available to them, along with the services their local pregnancy center could provide them with. They decided to parent, and thanked us for being there as they drove away.

Story #13: It Will Be Okay

Young woman arrived with husband and child in a car. Husband waited as woman went into the clinic. Of course, not knowing why she was visiting the clinic, a sidewalk counselor offered her assistance. She was courteous and took the packet of information the sidewalk counselor handed her. She stated, as so many women do, that she was not there for an abortion, but she had a friend that could use the information. Continue reading

Story #12: Small Acts of Obedience Can Bear Big Fruit

On July 1st I was here praying by myself. I noticed a woman sitting in her vehicle in the driver’s side, with her window rolled down. It was hot outside and so the open window was an opportunity to possibly get her attention. She looked over at me and I smiled and waved. She smiled and then returned to looking at her phone. Each time she would take her attention off her phone, I would attempt to wave her over. After about 20 minutes, another young woman walked out of Planned Parenthood and got into the car with the woman I had been waving at. They began to pull out of the parking lot and due to heavy traffic, they had to wait to pull out into the street. I approached the passenger side of the car and the two women rolled down their window. Continue reading