Story #3: Before I Left Planned Parenthood…

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a story from Former Planned Parenthood Manager Ramona Treviño about a life she helped save just before she left. While she was leaning on the help of the local 40 Days for Life campaign to make a clean exit from Planned Parenthood, the following actually happened within the walls of that abortion-referral facility after her heart had already changed and she was preparing to leave.

Throughout the course of my tenure at Planned Parenthood, it was more common to aid the taking of life rather than the saving of life — abortion-referrals came with the territory. As an abortion-referral facility manager, I had grown accustomed to giving them out regularly and lost myself in that world. That is, until three years ago, when I experienced a conversion and walked away from the abortion industry.

Apart from all the miracles I experienced in those last 6 months, one in particular would stay with me forever. The “save” God graced me with would be the highlight of those final days at Planned Parenthood. Continue reading

Story #2: The Girl in the Pink Dress

A few years ago, I was touched so deeply by the power of prayer that I couldn’t help but share it with everyone — especially those of you who sidewalk counsel or go out and pray at abortion facilities.

On a random weekday, I decided to go sidewalk help. I was stressed about lots of unimportant junk going on around me: I was rushing around to Mass, then to lunch, and then on to something else. I pulled up and jumped out of my car, totally unfocused and stressed out.

I was standing trying to make the best of the heat and humidity, trying to get the attention of the women. Needless to say, the few hours I was there did not yield a whole lot of visible success.

By the time I left, I was feeling pretty frustrated and like I had failed. So much so that the following day, I almost considered not going. Continue reading

Story #1: Lizanne’s Story

Dear Friends,

The following is probably my favorite story of a mother who chose life on the sidewalk. As a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m sure that a video is worth ten thousand! Enjoy this short video story…

Welcome to Stories from the Sidewalk!

Dear Friends,

We’d love to welcome you to this new, national forum, showing the world that peaceful sidewalk counseling works! Yes, it “gets results”!

Why, you might ask?

When you become an advocate for an abortion-bound mother, seeking to reach her heart and fill whatever needs brought her to the abortion facility, you inadvertently become the best advocate for that child. See, we recognize that we’re dealing with a mother-in-crisis — there’s a reason that brought her to the abortion facility. Quite often, she’s scared, she’s hormonal and she doesn’t know what to do. We want to reach her heart and fill those needs so that she feels more confident in choosing life. As one well-known sidewalk counselor, Joanne Underwood, has said, “It’s not the baby that’s the problem, it’s the situation she’s in. The baby just shines a light into an area of her life where she needs help.” We find that, quite often, if we can meet the need(s) that brought her to the abortion facility, that baby will come right along with her. Continue reading