Story #28: I was hoping someone would be here to talk me out of it.

The following story was shared with us through Sidewalk Advocates for Life-Montgomery, AL

Our Lord knew that there is great comfort in the Word, that even while on the cross, He quoted Psalm 22:1. I found today dealing with a mother seeking an abortion that His example remains true for us today, as it did Him on Calvary.

“K” came this morning seeking an abortion, but to the glory of God, never kept that appointment! Her story is actually pretty sad. She is suffering with a medical issue that will make it extremely painful to carry a baby and wasn’t sure if she could handle the pain. She also lost a child to pneumonia a few years ago as well as suffered some miscarriages. 

As I noted, God’s word is always the best comforter. I reminded her of the comfort that David had as mentioned in 2 Samuel 12:23 at the loss of his son. “But now he has died; why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me.”

There is hope that as she trusts in the Lord, that she will see her children again.

I shared with her the testimony of some dear friends who have faced a similar situation. How that after many years and a hard time, they are the parents of a darling baby girl they dubbed as their “Miracle Baby” and showed her a picture to which she delighted. 

“K” told me that she was 11 weeks and that the due date is set for the birthday of her baby that passed away. I rejoiced greatly that her doctor told her that this may be God restoring what He had taken and said this baby was her “Miracle Baby” too.

“K” told me after we prayed that as she drove here she hoped there would be someone outside to talk her out it. I want to just encourage you my dear friends. With that said, it’s hard here. It is evil here. But the light always shines in the darkness. Come and see what God will do one day.

Everything is in God’s timing. Keep praying, pray for “K.”