Story #30: “It was waving its arms and kicking.”

Submitted by Sidewalk Advocates for Life – Spokane, WA

Mary and I noted a white van in the Planned Parenthood parking lot in which a couple were sitting for quite a while. The young lady went inside alone and then came out. At that point I offered our help, and, to my surprise, she started to walk toward me. A Planned Parenthood escort tried to dissuade her, but she said not to worry. 

When she came to me she said, “I saw the picture of the baby, and I couldn’t do it.”  She meant an ultrasound.  “It was waving its arms and kicking.”  Then she showed me a clear picture of the baby at three months. 

We hugged.  Then she said when she and the baby’s father came to Planned Parenthood, they weren’t really sure what they wanted to do.  But when she saw us standing there, she knew she had to really think about what she would be doing.  Then she insisted on seeing the ultrasound and that was it. 

She is a college student and has two other small children. I gave her a pamphlet our local PRC. She went back to the van and spoke at length with her boyfriend.  Then they went briefly back into Planned Parenthood, (perhaps to see the ultrasound?) When they came back out they both looked so happy.  She gave me the thumbs up and shouted, “Thank you!!”  And I say, “Thank you, Jesus!”

Although we’ve had many “turnaways,” this is just our second save. We know it’s not about the numbers, and we also know we’re making a difference even when we don’t see tangible results, but it sure feels good to hear some wonderful news like this.