Story #32: A Protector of His Sisters

Submitted by Sidewalk Advocates for Life – Montgomery, AL

A Baby Saved!

Very thankful for the Lord today as He worked in a mother who came to the abortion facility to prepare for an abortion later this week.

She drove from out of town an I joked with her that she came all this way just to talk to me – that God loves her and her baby too. She listened to the gospel and seemed to understand the severity of what was occurring.

Outside the abortion facility, she stood next to me for 15-20 minutes talking back and forth and smiling. She told me the reason for being here was she has two girls that are toddlers and one has Down Syndrome. “It is just a lot to handle.”

“So what you need now is a little boy, a protector of His sisters. If you could have a son, what might you name him?” I asked. She replied, “M.”

“Well right now as we speak, the Lord is knitting your baby inside your womb. He loves you and all three of your children. Please trust Him.”

She still went inside, but pulled around later and stopped her car and told me she would not be back and thanked me for the burp cloth for her son and took my number. Praise the Lord who saves babies and sinners!

Please pray for “S” and her family.