Story #33: Too Ashamed – and a Second Chance

A friend shared this story with Destiny De La Rosa of New Wave Feminists…
I am so heartbroken by abortion because it is a lie. Before I had Aiden, I was an unmarried woman, an alcoholic, without a “good job” and living on the seedy side of a college town in Indiana, running with a pretty unruly crowd of burn-out ex bikers and drug addicts. I had JUST got back into college at Indiana University and was trying to “turn my life around” when I found out I was pregnant. Aiden’s father and I had JUST broken up and I had recently moved into my own apartment – which I could barely afford. I was the perfect target for Planned Parenthood – the poster child for “young woman who cannot afford to bring a child into poverty” or “young woman who should not be forced to bear a child with a man who is not good for her” or “young woman who needs to focus on finishing school and getting a career.”

To my infinite shame and sadness, I had already had one abortion and was not willing to do it again.

It has nothing to do with me being a “strong woman” or a “smart girl” or some kind of example of capability and gumption that I decided to keep my son. I was too ashamed to have a second abortion. I felt like I was being given a second chance. I didn’t know God, and I would have laughed at you if you started talking to me about Jesus. But I felt like I was somehow being redeemed. The way motherhood changed me was nothing less than a miracle. Children are always a miracle, a blessing and a most honorable calling. 
Through my child, God spoke to me every day. He showed me what I was capable of and what my limitations were. He showed me how much love and support I had in family and friends. He showed me how to love someone, how to care more about someone else than I did myself. He showed me what my mother saw in me when she always told me, “You’re so beautiful, D.” and “No matter what you do, I will always love you.”
Abortion is a lie and a devilish theft. Our culture is stealing the blessing from young mothers and fathers. confusing them into throwing away their progeny. My children are worth more than a trillion diamonds, more than any winning lottery ticket ever cashed in, worth more than a hundred lifetimes of “career success,” “independence” and “choice.” 
We are literally throwing away our fortune when we abort our children. God, help us see.